About us

An Overview

The startup "Envirevo" provides a composite platform for environmental evolution. Primary operations of Envirevo include solid waste management and manufacturing of Bio-CNG and Bio-fertilizer. Envirevo is one of those rare establishments, which is committed to solving the current problems of the environment and striving for evolved strategy innovation for healthier future.  Envirevo has recently started its own organic farming of vegetables, fruits and spices and also some important medicinal herb cultivation projects in West Bengal. Also, Envirevo is committed to creating a parallel to the classical medicines and gift us and our future generations a sustainable tomorrow.

We believe in One India, thus we contribute across various parts of our country, through our products & presence.

Our vision is to create a healthy, safe and sustainable environment.

Our 100% pure Organic products are creating healthy, sustainable & safe farming and green development across the states of Maharashtra, Gujrat, Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa.

Our taste of success lies in the fact, that we have been able to shift Chemical Fertilizer users to our Organic Products for farming, in different pockets of India.

We have created different conventional channels & direct marketing-sales channels for creating a better reach of our products. We have also created channels state-wise with district focus. For example, we have more than 20 plus dealers/counters in the district of Midnapore in West Bengal, under an allotted distributorship.

We do also take pride to be the SOLE SUPPLIER to eminent institutions of India like Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., TreePublic Foundation, MegaScapes & UrbanScapes, Kohinoor Group, Midnapore Zila Parishad, Symbiosis University & Society, St. Xavier's University


Why Our Products?

100% environmentally safe and naturally processed products which intrinsically aids plant optimal growth.

Along with soil conditioning properties, the product effectively increases micronutrient as well as macronutrient uptake.

Apart from abiotic and biotic disease resistance effects our unique formulation also contains plant growth regulators suitable for a varied range of flora.

Our products are completely absorbed by the plants, minimizing eutrophication, cross-contamination and bioaccumulation hazards.

Conventional solid organic manure is prone to fungal infection and lower effectivity.

Water scarcity being a severe concern in Western India highly recommends farmers to use liquid based fertilizers to reduce considerable irrigation.